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Natasha Lavard is a Luxury Real Estate Advisor versed in Residential and Commercial properties. Ms. Natasha Lavard grew up in New Jersey, USA, and studied Business Management, Sales and Marketing, and Technical Management and Finance. She fell in love with TCI while vacationing in 2005 and is proud to call Provo home.
Ms. Lavard’s interest in real estate began as a child when her parents purchased their first home, renovated, and sold it. Natasha’s father then explained why to his intrigued young daughter. This was Natasha’s first lesson on real estate investment.
When Natasha purchased her first home, it imprinted on her in such a way that she began her formal real estate education in 2000 and established a salesperson license, and a few years later returned to obtain a broker’s license. Natasha is currently licensed in Turks and Caicos Islands, Florida, and New Jersey.
What excites Natasha most about real estate? A happy customer. She says, “When I have a happy customer, it means I’ve done my job well and that’s satisfying. Every day is a new experience, the variables constantly change, keeping it fun and interesting. I love what I do. That passion fuels me. I am also dedicated to my craft. Continuing education and staying in tune with market conditions serve me and my customers well.” Over two decades in real estate have helped Natasha to be a better listener and broadened her adaptability to personalities and situations. From a sales or management position, she feels patience and flexibility are key factors to personal and team success.
In her free time, Natasha enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. Before relocation, she served on various boards and committees including the Environmental Committee and Recreation Committee.

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